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Title: Safe and Sound (cover)

Artist: Megan Nicole & Tiffany Alvord

Played: 12795 times

50/100 Favorite Photos of Lee Jinki

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Anonymous: What makes you smile the fastest? What is your favorite flower? What do you think about falling in love?

(‘he turns his head side to side, trying to locate the distinct voice that is heard, but to no avail) A lot of things make me smile. I think, when people are happy and you can tell that they’re happy… That’s something that makes me smile. (‘he murmurs softly, a lips quirked upwards he scratches the back of his head)

I love any kind of Daisy. As well as the Baby’s Breath flower. (‘his head tilts upwards, a blank expression on his face before a smile breaks out on his lips) And the Lisianthus. (‘he nods his head briefly)

Well. It seems nice I guess. (‘he pauses) Falling in love, but I guess I don’t want it right now. Anyone who loves me will have a lot to handle. (‘chuckling, he pulls his hand away from his head, pressing his index finger against his bottom eyelid)

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udonxcrystmas: Kon'nichiwa~ My name is Crystal, it's nice to meet you *grins happily*

(‘his shoulders tense as his head turns to the direction of the voice) Ah… Hello. (‘his lips curl upwards as he smiles wide) My name is Jinki, it’s nice to meet you too Crystal. How are you today?

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t-aexdemigod-deactivated2013050: Hello. -she smiled and waved, for she did not know that he was blind since this was their first meeting- My names Hyuna, how are you today?

(‘he flinches, letting out a quiet yelp, head moving side to side as he turns his head to the direction of the voice) A—Ah. Hello. My name is Jinki. (‘his gaze isn’t really focused on her as he tilts his head to the side, bangs falling over his eyes)